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Tan Sri Nor speech at Agilent BIDP certificate presentation

1. WORKING VISIT AND CERTIFICATE HANDING OVER TO AGILENT BIO- ANALYTICAL INDUSTRY DEVELOPMENT PROGRAM (BIDP) PARTICIPANTS 14TH AUGUST 2012 IPHARM, PENANG SPEECH BY TAN SRI NOR MOHAMED YAKCOP MINISTER IN THE PRIME MINISTER’S DEPARTMENT 2. BismillahirRahmanirRahimY.Bhg. Prof DatinPadukaDr.Khatijah Bt. Mohd Yusoff,Deputy Secretary General (Science),Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation (MOSTI)Y. BhgProf. Dr. RofinaYasminbte Dato Othman,Under Secretary,National Biotechnology Division,Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation (MOSTI)Y.Bhg, Dato’ Gooi Soon ChaiPresident,Agilent Technologies,Malaysia & SingaporeY.Brs. Dr. Mohd Gazali B. AbasDirector, Human Capital DevelopmentEconomic Planning Unit 3. Y. Brs En Johan Mahmood Merican,Chief Executive Office,Talent Corporation Malaysia BerhadY. BrsEncik Azhar Mohd Amin,Chief Executive Officer,Human Architecture TechnologyMembers of the press,BIDP Participants,Ladies and Gentlemen.AssalamualaikumWarahmatullahiWabarakatuhSalam Sejahtera dan Salam 1 Malaysia.Ladies and Gentlemen,I would like to thank National Institute of Biotech Malaysia (NIBM),an institute under the Ministry of Science, Technology andInnovation (MOSTI) for hosting the Certificate PresentationCeremony of Agilent Bio-analytical Industry Development Program(Agilent BIDP) and for inviting me today as the guest of honour. Itgives me great pleasure to be here at IPHARMtohand over the 4. certificate for completion of certification training to participants ofthe Agilent Bio-Analytical Development Program (BIDP), aprogramme in collaboration with Economic Planning Unit and TalentCorporation Malaysia Berhad. I am also pleased to take thisopportunity to visit theBIDP training facility at IPHARM.Ladies and gentlemen,2. This program provides 3 major highlights ; A. Public Private Partnership B. Supporting Needs of NKEA Sector in Bio-Technology Industry in Moving Up The Value Chain To Attract Investments C. Enables Talents To Have Access to Experts from both local and international3. Under the Public Private Partnership, this program sees thissectors synergising in an industry-led initiative to actively address thecompetency gap between tertiary education and industry needs. Thisis reflected not only in the co-funding elements of this programme,participating companies also provide strong mentoring from industryexperts which will then support the development needs of theparticipants.Ladies and Gentlemen,4. The EPP 11 objective as stated in the NKEA is to build a test andmeasurement hub in the country and Agilent’s key role is to bring 5. the manufacturing of its advanced and sophisticated measurementproducts to Malaysia, also potentially attracting other relatedindustries and at the same time to increase Malaysian companies’capabilities by growing the local vendor ecosystem.5. By implementing this programme, it enables MNCs to attract moreinvestment and transfer of activities to Malaysia and create or assistlocal bio-technology companies to expand their capabilities andproducts.Ladies and Gentlemen,6. Based on the Talent Roadmap 2020 recently launched by PrimeMinister YAB Dato’ Sri Mohd Najib bin Tun Abdul Razak on 24 April2012, optimising Malaysian talent is the first strategic thrust indriving the aspiration to make Malaysia among the top 20 globaltalent destinations by the year 2020.7. In line with Talent Corporation’s approach in enhancing school towork transition, on top of mentoring from local experts, BIDPprogramme enables access to global experts which is in line withmoving talents up the value chain by becoming specialists in thisfield. During the 24-months programme, they have been trained byselected industry domain experts from USA, New Zealand, Singaporeand Malaysia. 6. 8. Our country’s aspiration to become a high income nation can onlybe achieved with a corresponding growth that is driven by increasedproductivity, innovation and efficiency. Towards this end, I commendTalentCorp and Agilent for playing a major role in the developmentof high impact talent workforce that can sustain this aspiration.9. I am happy to note that the BIDP participants are local graduatesfrom Science and Engineering disciplines, employed in 5 differentcompanies Agilent, NIBM, CCM, HAT and Jabatan Kimia Malaysia.10. As such, I am pleased to be here to hand over these certificatesto the 28 participants who have completed this 4-month certificationtraining, for they will play a direct role in driving this industryforward.11. The 28 participants who will be receiving their certificatestoday have completed the first phase of the training where they havebeen taught and coached by global experts in the bio-technologyindustry.12. I am heartened to learn that of these 28 participants, 15 of themhavealready registered for a Master’s program at theUniversitiSainsMalaysia (USM). This is another success in promoting ResearchScientist Engineer (RSE) in Malaysia. 7. 13. I would like to congratulate these participants of engineers andresearchers, who not only created for themselves a pathway tohigher income, but have also addressed the national need inincreasing Research Scientist Engineer talents in the country.14. In closing my speech, I would like to once again thank Agilentfor taking the lead in this public-private partnership. I hopeyou willcontinue to support more SME companies advance themselves inthis sector.
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